Saturday, September 8, 2007

An Anomoly

its a wonderful day out there...though there is a small amount of commotion.ppl are havin the time of their life!kids are playing in the fields.its a colourful day.fireworks everywhere.every1 is cherishin their freedom coz its 15,august 1947.everywhere its celebration time.but thts not where our story revolves:P
if v move a little ahead in time in a small metropolitan city named chennai there lurks a zombie!!! its waitin 4 its pray to sleep.his dark greenish eyes watches its pray nearin the trap.he is waitin to feast his blood sucking mouth. his creepy hands cant wait to tear the flesh out of him. yet he controls himself. 4 a zombie he sure knows how 2 attack skillfully. he wants the pray not 2 have the slightest hint as to wat is about 2 happen!!. he walks into his bed. changes to his night pants.he supposedly had a very long day.he jumps onto his heaven; his bed. he is dreamin abt the girl he realised he likes very much. zombie sees him abode in his nest.he nears him.. removes the covers in a sluggish manner as to not wake him up!... touches his forehead... immediately he realises he is doomed.he can sense somethn has gone terribly wrong. somethin which he cant correct.... his brain is alerting him that a hand of a monster is on his forehead... he opens his eyes half expectin death.he sees tht exactly! his eyes cant take the freaky picture of the flanges and the tentacles. its nearin him. the horror!!! there is blood everywhere.. its a gory picture!! the death has finally fallen upon him!! all tht was not meant to happen always happens. the abhorrence is unleashed!!
... darkness everywhere. pin drop silence.

suddenly a whisper,followed by a movement.its the lips.continuous movement of the pair is tryin to make some sound. a voice suddenly breaks the dead silence.its speakin to itself. to be precise critisin the food he had.
" nowadays zombies taste bad :(!!!"