Thursday, November 8, 2007

B & W

splash! as i wash my face from the stain, the water hits my eyes. splash!!

i opened my eyes to darkness. it took time for my eyes to adjust to it. i realized that the darkness is caused by smog. slowly i looked down. there was water there. as i sprinkled water, the crystal clear water droplets which hit my face came down pitch black. everything was getting clear now. i examined the surroundings. the whole area is so much covered by thick smog that it looks like the locale is drenched in black between the smog i could notice some movement. its some kind of a street with no end or a beginning. men and women were moving hastily. there was a fruit stall within the reach of my eyesight. but all i could manage to see was some fruits covered in dirt. only from the shape could i conclude that it was apple! the most funny thing happened. a person came to a small boy sitting on the platform & showed his legs ; to be precise his shoes. as if polishing his shoes is going to make a big difference in this locality.

as i was slowly getting to know where i was, my thoughts got drifted by a sudden shriek. it was the sound of brakes. all the wheels came to a halt as the black tires scratched the road covered with soiled water. this water de-smirched the boy who was polishing the shoes: not to mention the shoes. two men stepped out of the black sedan clad in black. those shiny shoes started running towards me. in a flash i realized what was going to happen. i saw the guy near me take out something black from his coat.

a sound jammed my ears.

next second everything is blank.
then something happened.
i can see a small black circle. my iris. i splashed some water again.

it was pitch black there. as i moved to examine the place i saw a body completely covered with something black. come to realize it the whole place was covered with it. so was the air i was breathing. his body was heavily injured. but the irony is that; the place where there should have been blood was covered black. i was scared to look at the face. i decided its better to move. as i moved forward i saw the place more clearly now. it was a coal factory. but the black stains were still in my eyes. it made me turn back. afraid to see the body i shifted my eyes towards the floor. it was black as usual. but there was something different about it. something was scribbled on the floor. it got my attention. i could make out that it was some message.

He perceived this! yet didn't prepare himself for this! He always said ' it all will come to this!!'

whom is he addressing by the way? some psycho! i moved from the place. but something was out of place. something was fishy. again i turned back. a police officer was approaching the body. he started examining it least bothered about the message. i shouted at him to notice it. it fell on deaf ears. then i looked at the message
' it all will come to this!!'
the message was written around the body making a circle of it with the word 'this' pointing at the face. THE FACE!!
' it all will come to this!!'
the circular message made my head spin. i understood why the officer couldn't hear me!

its pitch black again. am still staring at my eyes in the mirror. splash! all the time i was trying to clean my face off the stains which were never present in the 1st place!

the door creaked open. "what happened honey? a bad dream?

i stare at her face. a moment of silence
" arrange a meeting with the board the 1st thing in the morning. i have some PREPARATION to do if this should remain just a bad dream!! "