Sunday, March 16, 2008


i always believed dreams make life.when people reflect your imagination;your thoughts and your emotions, they become your voice. one such voice is haunting me today.

"f**ker, why the hell are you sitting in my seat?"
screamed Sreeker.
"am sorry. am new here." apologized the boy.
"oh!!... fresher.... hey Ram look who we have here." said Sreeker with a mischievous smile.
"oh boy o boy! that smile sure means someone is going to be in trouble now!" winked Ram towards the junior.
"kiddo you made a big mistake."
"Am sorry senior. what should i do to calm you down?"
he was pleading.
"trying to be a nice guy here is it??... hmmm... lets change him Ram." smiled Sreeker." hey kiddo i want you to go to that girl wearing specs there. can you see her? " " that senior??" " yah her. ask her how much she charges!".

that was us a few years back, when we became seniors.
"Sreeker how is it going man? heard you broke up!" Ram was straight.
"yah!! that b*h was in a lip lock with another guy when i went to her place."
"GIRLS!! know what? its your fault. you give so much of yourself to a girl without knowing whether she is worth all that."
"chuck it. she is history. i heard a beautiful girl has shifted to your apartment today. who is she?"
Sreeker quizzed.
"you will never change!!" Ram laughed.

people never know who is going to change their life. but i know Sreeker ll be changed by a girl. the only problem here is that i didn't know who that girl is.

"its Sarada! she is the one." blushed Sreeker.
"well... then go and tell her?!!". Ram suggested."but ...she doesn't like me."Sreeker face shrunk as he said. its true; Sarada didn't like him. neither me obviously. but she is a good girl, or that is what i heard.

the next day , while she was cleaning her bike Sreeker went towards her and spoke his heart out in the most romantic way possible!

"do you know that i love romance? can we have romance?"

we had a long way to go!!

Sreeker used to say eyes are the deciding factor for a girl. he was always in praise of Sarada's eyes. unknowingly those eyes brought out a change in him. i was the silent observer here. seeing through his changes. in no time he turned from a rogue into a gentleman. the power of love was evident here. but i was afraid of this power. it can make or break a heart.

the time had come. it was the important day of Sreeker's life. the day he was going to propose to her. i made sure everything was perfect for him. the location i chose was a pool side banquet cum dance party to welcome the new year. he was to meet her on the stage setup over the pool with the glittering lights brightening up her face. at the stroke of midnight looking at those gorgeous eyes he was to say to her
" you are the 1st person am talking to this year. will you be the 1st person i see when i wake up every morning? will you marry me?"
we both remarked with a smile that it couldn't get more beautiful than this.

as per plan we arrived there. i let him take the limelight by staying away form the pool. after all its his big day. there they were dancing towards each other. the charisma they had. man!! they will make a great couple.

sometimes unexplained things happen at unexpected time. this was one such time. as Sarada and Sreeker was nearing each other the DJ called everyone beside the pool to join the stage. in a few moments may couples started for the stage. i decided to stay out as Sreeker ll be embarrassed if i am around. Suddenly strange sounds were reaching my ears.

things are destined to happen as it was to be. in a second the whole stage fell apart as the pillars supporting the stage gave away. everyone who took the stage were taken into the fifteen feet deep water. but they didn't matter to me. all i could think of was a way to find Sarada. my heart beat rose. i pushed my way through the pullings hands of the people who are experiencing the last moments of their lives.

there i saw her clenching a wooden plank fighting to stay above water. i took bigger strokes with desperation. sometimes desperation play spoil sport.

there i saw Sreeker taking bigger strokes trying to reach Sarada. but suddenly he lost momentum and slowed. something was out of place.i couldn't see a thing. my heart was beating very fast.

the desperation was so high that my heart started beating very fast. my vision was becoming dull. all i could see was a drop of tear coming out of Sarada's eyes. my eye sight blurred.

"your son Ram is well now. all his vital organs are perfectly functioning. he ll be up as a normal guy in a week or so. he seemed to have had a slight attack while swimming to save the people trapped in the pool. though its odd its not unknown off. from what you had said about him, i believe he is a reserved person keeping everything to himself. i suppose that has triggered the attack at this very young age. but he is a physically fit person. he can stay so by doing some mental exercise. "
the doctor assured.

"how long am i here?" i asked seeing the nurse. "you are here for the past 1 week Sir." replied the nurse dutifully. saying this she took a glass and poured water in to it. the strange sound of water brought back disturbing memories to me.

as i was swimming towards Sarada i remember losing control of myself. i also was able to see a guy coming towards Sarada. he wasn't able to reach her as he lost control. Eventually he nearly drowned. i remember seeing the beautiful eyes of Sarada going into the pool as i lost my control. i replayed those memories again.

This couldn't be possible!!

Slowly i recollected the happenings of the past 1 year.

"f**ker, why the hell are you sitting in my seat?"
i said that to the junior!

"Sreeker how is it going man? heard you broke up!" i spoke these words!!

"do you know that i love romance? can we have romance?" i said that to Sarada!!!

how could this be possible??!!??.

in a revelation i understood everything. but how? how is this... this theory possible?

the door opened and the nurse came in. i looked at her and asked"who am i??" even before she said my name i know who i am. am Ram according to my friend Sreeker. am Sreeker according to my lover Sarada and am Ram according to my parents.

credit: the movie fight club.


sanz360 said...


d plot is itz kinda confusin..perhaps a lil more brushin up wud help...besides havin grammatical n punctuation errors mk a slightly diff read...u cud so much btr wid dis plot...

keep writing!

on it...

Tejas Lakhani said...

oh boy.
what the heck was that?
totally confusing.