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Darkness is an intriguing phenomenon, because it helps us to find sanity easily. I am in search of light; a ray of hope, a vision as to what happened to me. In darkness I recollect for the nth time what might have happened.

“The gravitational force present in the earth causes ….cause…es … the sun’s rays to be reflected by the pen.” Hmmm…. This was the third time I was getting distracted that day. Was it the sound of the fan? Or was it because I was more captivated by better things; like a streak of light that can be produced by tilting my glass pen through various angles? I decided to give up studying for awhile and go for the.. the thing that needed more attention then.

I was sitting in a dark room which was bestowed by a single ray of light to aid my study. I took my pen near the bright ray expecting to produce a shimmering ray which would brighten up the entire room, but I saw only a wide divergence. I shifted my attention to its destination. As I slowly rotated my pen I was able to view my uninteresting treasures in a new light. Be it the writing pad, the alarm clock, the bedspread or the poster (which I don’t like much) on my calendar, there was something disturbingly distinct about them. The anxiety I garnered through them, made me to rotate the pen frantically to explore further. Like a spark of light that comes just before the moon completely eclipses the sun, I saw brightness allover as I faced the light. I closed my eyes to protect myself from the exuberant rays.

Slowly I opened them only to see darkness engulf the brightness, I witnessed moments ago. Everywhere I turned I saw only gloominess. It was like being in the black hole. As I slowly adjusted my pupils I saw a faint ray of light. I closed in on it with caution, to see it transform into a beam of light showing a path upwards. I crept to the top with at most prudence, only to be blinded by brightness again.

Slowly I opened my eyes to see brightness allover. There was something vaguely familiar about the light. I raised my eyebrows to see the source only to notice everything blue. In the world of blue I found the sun gracefully hanging to give me hope. With this redeemed hope I observed the environment I was in. The blue world became the sky and the ocean. I then noticed I was sitting on sand under a coconut tree. Gaining confidence I finally decided to take a walk. As I moved few metres away from the tree, I took a look at it again. The tree covering the sun looked distinctly different. Even while I was immersed in deep thoughts, even in sound of the waves meeting the land, I was able to hear something approaching at frantic pace. Like a giant wave rising from the ocean, the serpent raised its head to attack me. I began to run, for I didn’t have any other option; I also saw a giant bird approaching us. Hoping it would save me I started to run towards the bird which was landing near a hole. The place where the bird was standing, which then looked like a small hole now started opening further as the serpent started closing in on the gap between us. Thinking that the giant bird will save me I fixed my eyes on it’s and started running towards it. There was something in those eyes which tried to convey something. Before I could understand that, a drop of liquid fell on my head. I looked above to see the source, only to see the mammoth mouth of the serpent open. It was darkness all over again.

Experiencing the pitch black darkness again, I searched for a way to get out of this mess. I found the same path leading me to the beach again. The serpent was quick this time. As I started to run again to a different path, the giant bird blocked the path. It was ordering me to try the same path again, by its action. Without any option I turned back. The serpent opened its mouth and so did the earth; it was darkness again.

Darkness is an intriguing phenomenon, because it helps us to find sanity easily. I was in search of light; a ray of hope, a vision as to what happened to me. In darkness I recollected for the nth time what might have happened.

Unsuccessful all while to figure what was happening I tried a new approach. I went for everything odd I noticed till then. There was a streak of light, then a glowing tree, a giant serpent and bird and the dark cave off course. What was the bird trying to tell me? Why does it want me to come back here? I figured it wants to save me, but how will I be saved if I fall? Is there something here? What is it about the tree that feels so odd? I felt I had seen it before. Then it struck me. My room!!! Off course!! Why didn’t I remember it then?! The tree, the bird, the snake all were the objects that were exposed to the light from his pen and… and so am I!! Some how, all of us had been transported into a new dimension? The bird I felt is the key to all the mystery. If I could understand what it was trying to say?

Desperate to know answers I reached the beach again. Noticing the bird I went for it faster than anyone ever existed. I was amazed by the strength I was gaining and the pace too. As I was only inches away from the bird and the serpent, I heard a sound for the first time; a distant muffle to be precise. It was coming from the eyes of the bird. I was astounded to the least, that I can understand a person’s thought through their eyes. What is happening to me? Before I could find answer, the serpent opened its mouth, but something was telling me to endure the pain; not to run; sacrifice; not to be afraid. I stood still calmly. As the mouth closed on me the ground opened and I took a fall, an endless fall into the darkness again.

It was darkness allover again. What is it that is expected of me? What am I supposed to do? I found the answer soon. As I moved from the place I landed I found wall for the first time. Hanging on the wall was a metal. It was a sword. I took the sword and went for the light again. This time the serpent came to me as soon as I got out. Without second thought I inserted the sword on the body of the serpent. Before I could blink, the body of the serpent shattered into a million pieces.

I was baffled as to what is to be done. Was this the end? Will I be back to my room? Giving me no time to think, the giant bird grabbed my shoulder using its claws and took me towards the sun. I closed my eyes owing to the brightness.

The wind which was flowing on me stopped suddenly. Wondering if we had reached wherever the bird intended to reach, I opened my eyes. It was white allover. By Instinct I looked at the floor; it was also white. I wondered if its snow. But it wasn’t freezing out there. There was still a cool breeze which calmed my mind. I somehow felt serene.

I turned my attention towards the bird which brought me here. “Where am I? And what is this place?” I asked looking straight at the eyes.

The bird calmly looked at me. I again got the feeling that this bird is trying to communicate through its eyes. Before I could comprehend it I heard the same muffled voice from those pair of eyes. “You are here because you wanted to know if this exists. Secretly, you desperately longed to be seeing this. You chose to come here.”

I was wondering if I was dumb fold because I was hearing voice from its eyes or because I couldn’t remember me wanting to come here if at all I knew what this place is in the first place! “Can u please tell me where am I before you start your “as you know” tale?”

“I believe you realized now how you were able to come here with us.” The bird told slowly.

“Yes. I figured that out. The light from the pen brought us here.” I told recollecting my understandings.

“Perfect. Now for the fact you don’t know. The pen when you rotated produced a circle of light with the ray of light which fell on it, extracting enough power from here to the pen resulting in drawing all the objects its rays fell on, to here.” The bird explained.

Unable to take all those facts I asked, “What exactly do you mean by here? Where am I?”

The bird calmly replied, “Your inner self knows it, wait for it to explain to you. Now, let’s go back to the part where I left. As you are a person who questions a lot, before you are allowed to see wanted you wanted to see, I used the serpent you brought here to play a game with you. It was a game to test you; test your endurance, your ability to infer, your ability to take pain. You proved those qualities are with you so I brought you here.” Telling this the bird raised it feathers to levitate. As it rose a door stood up to the height the bird rose. It was a door made of something shiny. I realized it was gold. Before the bird flew away it said, “You will see what you seek in there.”

I decided to see what giant bird feels I wanted to see. Am not sure if the door heard my mind, but as soon as I thought that, the door opened revealing another. As I walked through the open door, the closed door opened. It revealed another closed door. I crossed seven door to be precise to see what I was supposedly longing to see. For no reason, I was looking at the floor while leaving the last door. As I raised my head the giant serpent I killed was relaxing there. There was something on the snake which I couldn’t identify. Yet there was this distinctly different feel to something that the thing was having. Then I realized, it looked liked my pen producing a circle or to be precise a disc of light or was it the coconut tree I saw there? Slowly I studied the features of the thing that was seated on the serpent. It’s the poster with the disc rotating on its finger.

Credits: Hindu mythology


Comfortably Numb said...


A great take on something so simple yet so deep. Wonderful. It was really worth reading such a long post :)

Keep Blogging:)


Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...

quite long.. i ill read it tomorrow sure..

malathy e said...

hey it was nice...but too long to comprehend...some days write a post that is brief...gud attempt..

Mayuri said... wz a long post..but hats off to you...but i felt it had the essence of harry potter chasing the serpent...but ur attempt is simply too good!!!