Friday, October 22, 2010


“Testing”. *rewind* ‘testing’
“Good. At least this is working.”
It is ten past eleven in the night. The sky is lit by the lonely moon, whose brightness is the only saving grace for the otherwise murky night. But it shouldn’t have been; if not for the impact. While the whole city is coming back to its bright neon lights after the impact; like tiny dots of stars that appear one after the other out of thin air at exponential speed and randomness; a hulky figure broods over the scene with a small piece of equipment close to its sulky mouth. “It is erringly quiet here. I am standing at the entrance to the terrace of Imperial towers where two bodies were found. I am Ram reporting from the scene of crime. I interrogated the witness; the maintenance guy, who told me off seeing two bodies lying on floor when he went to repair the CCTV camera. Allegedly the camera went off air with the total power system and never came back. I am moving towards my right, where the bodies were found. I see shattered pieces of what would have been the camera. I could see an object: a guy 100 meters from here. No pulse; body: dead cold. Where is the other one? Ah there. No pulse here too. I see blood on his face. I hope my torch will work. Voila; wow! That’s a shocker. Fine. Fine. Let me see some id. Any ids MR. ….? Yes. Mr. Sharma of Reliance ltd.”

“You won’t get anything substantial from him” said a voice with sullen sharpness.
“What the … who? How? ...  Who are you?”
The man stood menacingly tall with broad well built figure. “The gravity of this scene is very high”
“Uh?” putting his act together after the initial shock, Ram spoke, “What happened? How did he end up like this?” pointing to the corpse of Mr. Sharma.
“It’s cold here. Let me warm up”, said the stranger as he moved towards the edge.  
“Stay where you are. You are under arrest!” Ram commanded with urgency.
“You just have to push a little harder to escape the pull” the guy declared with a cunning smile standing on top the wall.
“What are you doing? My hand is burning. The … recorder! Hey don’t jump. Stop! Bloody hell! How did he do that?”Ram said looking at the sky as he saw him disappear.


Praveen said...

good one :) .. (found my way in here thro orkut )

Abhijit Bhattacharyya said...

nice one....absorbing....had me on the edge....and yes...a sequel wud be nice....or a series....