Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning it the hard way

“Wow! I have never seen the main road this jam-packed!" - a surprised Deb remarked . Reena looked at his innocent face brimming with excitement. In an instant the blushing cheek muscles disappeared as those big eyes enlarged.
“I think there is an accident”; prodding a by-stander Deb asked, “what happened?”
“The guy turned left near the junction without indicator…”
“… and a bus that was speeding to cross the junction averting the signal hit the car. They are taking him in an ambulance I think.”
“Poor guy …”
“Yah …". She paused for a moment, but the pulled him to her side and said, "Deb. Lets go. I don’t want to stay here any longer.”

“This is it Reena. My home” proclaimed Deb standing in front of a two storey building. They entered the hall and as Reena walked towards the couch, Deb signaled her to come upstairs with him. “I don’t like studying there. That’s my room; at the right to the end of the stairs.” Deb indicated as they climbed up. He cleared the bed and asked her to be seated while he searched for his books. Handing them over to her he excused himself to fix up a snack for them against her disapproval. Reena looked around the room and the first thing she noticed was that for a guy it sure looked clean. She started flicking the pages of books kept on the bed. Suddenly the light went off. “Deb?  ... Deb? … ah ... I think the power has gone. Are you there?”
From the distance she heard Deb yelling, “Yah there seems to be a power failure.”
“But I can see lights in the neighborhood.”
“Our house draws power from the adjacent street. I am bringing a candle.”
“It will come in few minutes. I called up the EB.” Deb told apologetically as he set the candle on a near by table. With that light he searched for an emergency lamp; finding that placed it near Reena. Cursing about the lost time, he started going through the topics to covered. He first introduced to her the terminologies so that she could get accustomed with the subject.
“… So you see the inclined angle needs more torque than a vehicle in horizontal position.”
“Oh …”
“Why don’t you draw the pictorial representation in the form of a vector diagram? That will make you understand things better.”
“Hmm … okay … I will try.”
As she started to mark the points, he started screaming, “No no … not that way. Let me show you.”
He asked her to move to her side and sat next to her and showed her how to approach the problem. With expertise he finished it. Excited on seeing the problem solved, she patted him on his back. As he did that he felt the softness on his shoulders. He laid his hand on her right thigh in reply and gave a smile of approval. 

He started reading out the next problem while his left hand stealthy started moving upwards. As he moved closer while explaining the concept behind the problem she involuntarily shook her head dazed. Before she could react his hand went between her as he grabbed her with his other hand trying to kiss her. She instantly pushed him aside and shouted “what the hell happened to you!”
Shaking off, he replied moving towards her “oh … am sorry … it’s just that …” and tried to hug her again. “What is wrong with you!” she yelled of shock.
“Oh come on. Like you have not done it before. I dono. I just want you now.”
“Fuck off.”
Getting hold of her as she reached for the door he told “Where are you going?”, and tried to squeeze her. She bit his hand and as he retrieved it, she drew her right hand, the hand with which she played tennis, and like how she plays the back hand shots which used to terrorize her opponents, she with all her force punched him on his face. She shook her hand letting the blood get off and walked away.

“I told you to be safe. But you asked for it. How can you not see it before? How did you miscalculate?” Jai told to Diya with each word stressed more than necessary while trying to control his temper. He can not become a father now. He is starting his carrier only now. How can he afford to have a family? She had told him it was perfectly fine to do it then!

“You were so sure of yourself!” Jai continued as he sat inside his car. Ignoring the warning signal in the dashboard; he buzzed off to her apartment.
“I dono Jai. It could not have happened. I can’t understand.”
“You and your dates!”
“You know I can’t get involved in this now!”
“So what do you mean to say Jai; that, it is all because of me? You were the one who wanted to feel me! We both are equally responsible!”
“Shit I forgot to change lanes.”
“Jai? Jai? You there? I am hearing crashing sound. What happened? Why are you not replying?”


Vinayak said...

great one
very good story
keep it up :D

vineet said...

very nice,loved it to the core plzz come up with more

Anonymous said...

love it... its a very good story.

Garima Bhatia said...

I liked the way you structured the flow..
Looking for more!

Pranav said...

I liked the kiss part.. But is it a short story?? A little confusing at the end.. Where are the other parts? (if there are any)

mr.weirdo!! said...

it is structured that way. and about the ending? well its there itself. not as complicated as it is made out to be. and no. no sequels or prequels as of now.